Thursday, 18 August 2011

Knock knock.

Who's there?


Amoeba who?

Amoeba about to do something goood.

Putting together some drawings of some nice local amoebae.

See, I've been hassling the local waste-water treatment facilities for a good while now, trying to get access to their works with a view to making some lovely art, ideally in collaboration with them.

"I'm particularly interested in your Activated Sludge processes, and your Anaerobic Digestion Tanks," I'm saying. "I'm intending to make a series of beautiful paintings celebrating the wonderful co-operative interactions both of the communities of micro-organisms and of the humans involved in this social processing of our waste.."

The nice people at Veolia Water collapsed into helpless giggles when I eventually managed to find someone to speak to, said they couldn't let me in to the Seafield sewage works out of concern for my health & safety, but haven't ruled out the possibility of this happening elsewhere... perhaps.... one day...

I also got in touch with Edinburgh Council Scientific Services labs who do tests on the various sludges and waters. They pooh-poohed the idea out of hand.

However I intend to carry on undeterred.

This pretty picture, by the way, is available for sale at the knock-down price of £140 + p&p (unframed) , all proceeds to go towards funding a Park-Roberts-bacteria based collaborative pile-on we're cooking up , of which more later. If you would like it, do let me know.

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