Saturday, 17 September 2011

Hee hee dust mite

There. That's my day's work. Isn't he lovely.  Wanted a record of this for posteriority because I'm going to have to hide him now and that might ruin him altogether.

I must say I got fond of this gadgie the more I drew him. He performs a useful service in my life in dealing with my terrible incontinence of dead skin cells. Yes, I am allergic to dust mite faeces, but that is my problem, and down to having an immune system that thinks it is the military junta of a tin-pot dictatorship, and whose general performance is played out as 'bad cop, ineffectual cop' .  And, when  it gets bored of persecuting mildly infective agents it is prone to savage in-fighting and creating unnecessary factions which lead to the immobilisation of infrastructure and ends with tying up everything in red tape, leaving genuine antagonists free to slip through scot-free.  (Sneeze a lot, inflame the mucous membranes, get a cold. Not the dust mite's fault!)

Above is under UV light, below the same under daylight. Hee hee.

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