Saturday, 21 May 2011

bacteria-friendly paint: day 2

And here at day 2.

All kinds of exciting things going on here. Lots of lovely traces of the chiral flows of their swarming activity, the power of their rivers of swarming to dislodge particles may times their size (think of a flash flood, filled with living car-wash brushes, with a parcel-post system by which they talk to each other). Zones of inhibiton around the purple (cobalt phosphate, very nasty, who would want to go for a swim in that? And great big heavy particles too. But interestingly they had a right good swarm through it in the watercolour medium all the same.)

I'm delighted that it's the actual watercolour medium they really run away with. I didn't add the traditional ox gall or any other surfactant to the mixture because they make their own in the swarm fluid (serrawettin). It's just gum arabic, glycerin, honey and water and pigments, no extenders, fillers, no fungicidals.

Again, the lovely photography here is all by Simon Park, please don't reproduce his images without his permission.

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