Thursday, 9 June 2011

showing off

Here in a gallery setting, some of Simon Park's nice photos and my paper thing talking about bacteria-in-the-world doing their thing and humans likewise.

Looking very posh in their white frames. (Although posh is exactly what I have a problem with as what you gain in attractiveness you lose by alienation.

"Why should I pay any attention to you?" you ask
"Because I'm Posh"... it's not a very good answer is it, though it is still standard issue for western culture.
My beef is that it makes everything so horribly ad hominem, steers the conversation away from what actually is interesting and what might start out as genuine enquiry into the whats-going-on-here-then gets trampled by the tired old choreography of performances of authority and dominence. So we start out having a fun chat and end up talking about nothing but who's the bleedin' Daddy.

"Why on earth are you dipping your toes into this murky can of worms at this hour of the day, when it is clear you are going to do nothing more than trot out a couple of personal platitudes and wander off on a new half-formed itinerant rant?" I hear you ask.
But of course you know the answer, don't you, I'm avoiding doing something else. It's breakfast-avoidance, in this case.)

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