Monday, 4 July 2011

rock art

How do little old ladies do graffiti then? It's important, sisters, these are our streets too. And we too own the spaces within which we move. We have to find a way of throwing in our own two-pennyworth! We have to fuck with them, all those visual shock-jocks and leg-cockers, the ad-men, taggers, patriarchal council-people, land-owners, car-worshippers and anyone in general who clothes their insecurity by peppering the public arena with visual demonstrations of their dominance and wish to control by force.

A small quiet start here on the Eastern Breakwater. Some very circular circles as a marker of a definite human action and a watery solution of everybody's-favourite-skimmed-milk-powder and a bit of Baby Bio. Who will use this and how is anybody's guess, likewise whether anything gets a chance to before it gets washed off...

Other recipes for encouraging lichen include cow dung in human urine, pro-biotic youghurt, porridge and beer. Some recommend putting a layer of p.v.a. down first, though I'm not sure about this putting plastic everywhere. Though of course it is only a matter of time before something evolves that will happily munch away on our long-chain hydrocarbons all day without getting sick.

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