Tuesday, 22 November 2011

As-yet unravished bride of etc. etc.

Meet Mr. Classical Epistemology 'Ed.  Now drying out for the night before his meeting with Mrs. Embodiment Personified of the Many 'Eds. Do you like his unilinear brain-maze? The black lines follow the lines I made tracing round the actual head of my beloved companion-human. Very uncomfortable. But I want the process of making to be all about bodily interactions. And nice, anyway, when it's finished, that we were all there, on that paper, at those times.

I have to soak the paintings in water so that the slime mould will be happy on them. Then they go and sit damply in a big plastic tub. There is a risk that Mr. 'Ed might just float off. Or go off.

Tomorrow I do my own 'ed. I'd like to do one with two people looking at each other but the under-bed storage box ain't big enough and I got a very funny look when I went into Poundland and asked them for a tupperware big enough for two human heads.

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