Friday, 4 November 2011

Slime mould, with paint

Some fascinating responses to the painted substrate...

I have used some commercially manufactured watercolour paint, and the more opaque stuff is Turner Acryl-gouache.

So there is some kind of quorum-sensing activity going on as the Physarum polycephalum moves from the watercolour, which it doesn't seem to care much about either way, to the acryl gouache, which it seems a little unsure about. Bunching up and then launching itself onto those areas.

It seems to have a preference for the green,over the greys and I couldn't say why. The acryl-gouache is a very sophisticated sort of paint, has an amazing similarity of handling qualities across the whole range of colours, which must mean an attention to the specific chemistry of the medium for each individual paint colour. So what appears similar to me as is going to be experienced very differently by Mr. Chemotaxis-heads here.


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