Saturday, 10 March 2012


These guys have been swimming across my pictures for about five years now, and I've finally found out who they are, they're my ancestors of course. Glad I got that sorted out.

I suppose they are supposed to be some kind of unicellular and probably flagellated fella but I couldn't say for sure. I just let them happen, however they want to; it is certainly a form of incontinence.

The eye spot is an anthropomorphic or at least animalomorphic touch but it is the painting itself I am anthropomorphising here, I seem to feel that a painting should look back at you....

See these last two pictures from 2008 - before I got the microscope and was able to spend long holidays with diatoms, protozoa, amoebae and all those other delightful people. And before I got interested in the whole business of membranes.

The new ones at the top are about 15mm long, the older ones about 20mm.


  1. Cada día entiendo menos tu trabajo... Pero cada día me gusta más, me parece charming, el ancestor is very funny, but is who???? XXXX ooooo

    1. hee hee I think you understand very well Tortuga - it's all nonsense of course. As for the ancestors I think they might be your own good friend LUCA's babies :)