Saturday, 3 November 2012

Back to school...

Apologies to my regular reader friends for my long absence. I've been up me arse (grappling with serious ontological and epistemological issues, whatever,) trying to work out what it is I think I'm playing at going back to school when I should be out increasing my profit margins or replicating my genes or otherwise making a valuable contribution to society. So sorry, I hope you will both forgive me.

I'm at RBGE doing a Diploma in Botanical Illustration (a.k.a. Rational Empiricism for Witches with Witchery for Rational Empiricists, a.k.a. Making Data with Human Embodied Cognition, a.k.a. Drawing Pictures of Plants and Colouring Them In and Calling Them Names.)   Here's our fabulous classroom:

A great big wall of northlight windows and a microscope at every station, this is where artists who like small things get to go if they've been good in their lifetimes.

It's all because I'm jealous of the wonderful things my recent organism-collaborators have been making with water-based paints and their bodies of course. And thinking that as it seems I have felt the need to make pictures of Actual Things of late, it would behoove me well to up my game with the representation skills and do them a bit more justice.Lots of fun for me, i intend to bore you at length about it in the near future....

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