Saturday, 13 February 2010

slugs on toast

That's a bit of toast in the big circle, it seems that toast is the big delicacy, the soup-du-jour for slugs.

So the point of these isn't the Product (for me; some circles and wobbly lines, for the slugs; some dinner, all of which is very nice to be sure,) but the nature of the interaction. It's not the Action of Man Having Dominion Over Nature, rather an event where Person-organism-Roberts does a thing in a spirit of fun and friendship and curiosity, hoping to influence the behaviour of Person-organism-Slugs, who come along and do their sluggy thing in their own time and in their own way and for their own reasons. And then go away again.

Who knows what the slugs actually think of all this? They obviously enjoyed their dinner - but I'm curious about the slug who spent an incredibly long time going round and round the small circle (pictured here with Person-organism-Spider, who knows what she was doing there?) - whether the slug was enjoying the shape of the circle in the same way as I enjoy riding my bike down the long downhill curve of the road in Holyrood Park? Or was it locked into a horrible sense of infinity? Or was there simply more dinner there, a hungrier slug?

I'd like to dedicate these drawings to the memory of my friend Eileen Tunney's dog Jake, who used to steal bread from their bread bin, take it outside and put it on their grass, then retire to the bottom of the garden to watch - just to watch - the birds come down and feed.

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