Sunday, 7 February 2010

water music

Anyway, Shiori Usui and Rocio decided to get together to do some watercolouring to music and invited me along. We did things on our own to shakuhachi music - for me, a lovely concentration on breathing and doing, and on making and letting things happen. (My things turned out ugly-looking, but there you go.)

Then we did one together. The interesting thing was, the experience was exactly like having a tune (what Him Indoors calls musicking*) with some nice musicians you haven't played with before - a process of responding, listening, waiting, doing; of transgressions and accommodations, involvement and stepping back. And had the same quality of now-ness, a particular way of being in the present tense that you do when you improvise and isn't the same as when you play from a score, or a thing you have rehearsed.
Here's our thing, it's a record of all that, an activity becoming friendship.

*Music, you will understand, being a verb, a thing that you do - a term Him Indoors picked up from Christopher Small, who has lots of lovely things to say about music, (including, delightfully, an acknowledgment of the role of cleaners in the staging of any event in which music takes place in a public space, and therefore in the music itself.)

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