Friday, 5 February 2010


I don't normally listen to music when I paint, I find my movements get entrained and I do all sorts of gestural stuff that aren't part of the game I'm playing at that moment (which, these days, is often a game of looking very quietly at gestural stuff, a subject I intend to bore you at length with later).
Besides, I reckon music does strange things to the brain chemistry. Case in point, I developed a thing for Archie Shepp's 'Attica Blues' and forgot not to listen to it in the studio one day. These Fellows suddenly appeared on what had been up to then a perfectly sensible painting. Fluorescent paint and everything.
(Of course nobody should hold Archie Shepp to account for any bonkers act committed in the course of listening to his music, the responsibility rests entirely with the Author. Does it?)

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