Sunday, 10 April 2011

how clean is your hose?

Even I am beginning to be a bit revolted by the fascinating biodiversity that was hanging out on the shower head. Perhaps it was a 'don't try this at home' thing after all.

I mean it wasn't really that bad, look!
I mean, it wasn't even "...oh God and I simply must remember to bleach that shower head before The Cleaner gets here and can you just pop a seed bar in Daniel and Nigella's lunchboxes darling yes Nigella I know everyone else gets Blue Ribands but you're getting an organic fair trade unrefined sugar seed bar honestly you don't know how lucky you are and what on earth has that cat got in its mouth now?"

It isn't the colour, or the form, I don't think, but a quality of pustulence. I reckon it's the biofilm that's so recognisably nasty-ass looking. I'm having to remember that this stuff has been daily raining down on me for years with no obvious ill effects.
"Ah yes," I hear you say, "but not in great quorum-sensing globs like that it hasn't, try rubbing that on your hair and see how your volume & shine is..."

Any road, I've got some pink stuff, and it's on the move....

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