Friday, 8 April 2011

so what are little girls made of then?

I grew up with that vile, insidious, orientalist, biochemically inaccurate and indefensibly twee bit of social engineering calling itself a nursery rhyme. No I will not quote it! Neither will I link to it! If you aren't familiar with it, then so much the better, that is probably why you grew up to be such a well-adjusted and sensible person.

What did they think they were doing? Did they not see me reaching for my gun? Why was I expected to believe myself and my sister a pair of sickly confections whereas my bothers (inferior beings) got to be manufactured of active, interesting materials?

Such horseshit. I suppose we are all, to an extent, made of sugars - but equally we are all made of snails.

Those jelly pictures at the bottom are made of leftover agar. I thought about culturing them but I'm a bit superstitious about what-you-make-pictures-of-comes-true and being careful what you wish for...

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