Monday 5 April 2010

A feeble signal

but a signal nontheless. This is how pictures can get turned back into music, you see. I'm passing a current through drawn lines, and then I'll hand it on to someone who makes music out of electrical signals. (Not that that isn't pretty much what you do in your body, when you look at a thing: here I'm just talking about passing it through the square brain, to see what happens.)
Needs some tweaking as the signals are so weak. Graphite was the only thing that worked. I was very disapointed that my copper powder in gum arabic solution got me nowhere. Apparently the thing is silver powder in an epoxy medium with an addition of carbon black which helps out with the conductivity on account of the buckyballs. Well.

Finding Space

Here's an ugly one. Never mind, I know where
I'm going with this now. I'm building a nanotube space-elevator to go up to space in. Not that cold vacuous place where planets decompose in deterministic tedium, mind you - I'm hoping for something more like Sun Ra's Space.