Sunday 22 July 2012

Serratia painting prints for sale!

Buy a splendid print of the Serratia-Park-Roberts collaborative effort and help me finance a trip to Simon's lab in Surrey! (I haven't had any luck getting funding for this work and the part-time gardening job doesn't stretch very far.) But here, in glorious technicolour, a chance for you to own your very own archival quality print of Serratia marcescens doing Responding to the Environment work.

These are available as A3 giclee prints, with archival inks on Hahnemule 300gsm paper, I'm asking £45 each or £75 for two, and posting & packaging on top.

I've chosen the cobalt violet paint interaction  for its lovely explicitness about the bacteria's chirality of motility, all that nice fractally stuff going on there, and then the lamp black pigment one as I am absolutely sure the bacteria are picking off the nano-balls from the sooty pigment to kick around with their flagellae, for fun.

If you like any of the others picture, please let me know, I'll see what I can do!