Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Slime mould on drugs

See this is what happens if you don't get your plasmodium to come off your painting in time. Sadly I think it is too late for this little big cell, I have been doing some intensive care but it seems to be thoroughly contaminated.

Luckily I got some of it to form a sclerotium in earlier, happier days. And now I have a persuasive agent to help it decide to come to the safety of the clean things: this slime mould, it seems, will do tricks for tranx. Valerian root - lovely, boiled with the porridge, or just on its own as a snack. (Valium for micro-organisms, or humans, but the cat uses it as an upper and goes off in a drug-crazed frenzy to wage war on cardboard boxes. Slime mould doesn't seem to care for catnip though.) Thanks to Andy Adamatzky, font of Physarum Wisdom for that hot tip, in this paper.

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