Thursday 18 August 2011

Knock knock.

Who's there?


Amoeba who?

Amoeba about to do something goood.

Putting together some drawings of some nice local amoebae.

See, I've been hassling the local waste-water treatment facilities for a good while now, trying to get access to their works with a view to making some lovely art, ideally in collaboration with them.

"I'm particularly interested in your Activated Sludge processes, and your Anaerobic Digestion Tanks," I'm saying. "I'm intending to make a series of beautiful paintings celebrating the wonderful co-operative interactions both of the communities of micro-organisms and of the humans involved in this social processing of our waste.."

The nice people at Veolia Water collapsed into helpless giggles when I eventually managed to find someone to speak to, said they couldn't let me in to the Seafield sewage works out of concern for my health & safety, but haven't ruled out the possibility of this happening elsewhere... perhaps.... one day...

I also got in touch with Edinburgh Council Scientific Services labs who do tests on the various sludges and waters. They pooh-poohed the idea out of hand.

However I intend to carry on undeterred.

This pretty picture, by the way, is available for sale at the knock-down price of £140 + p&p (unframed) , all proceeds to go towards funding a Park-Roberts-bacteria based collaborative pile-on we're cooking up , of which more later. If you would like it, do let me know.

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