Saturday 19 November 2011

there's no place like chrome

Well my little study has turned out inconclusive, pretty much as expected. The only really interesting thing going on here is that it is the chrome green my many-headed friend has chosen to pick up and run around with.  That was the Serratia marcescens' favourite too, I wonder what the fascination is with Cr2O3  for the microorganisms...



  1. I don`t understand well your investigation... But I always smile when I read your things... Do You Know LUCA, look at the blog, if you want... XXX

  2. Nice pictures!

    Well, Chromium(III) (is the one in Cr2O3) is not as toxic as Cr(VI), but has effects in bacterial growth. ( It has been described that in some cases Cr(III) stimulates growwth of E. coli (sorry! it is in Spanish language


  3. Thanks Tortuga! And of course I know LUCA, my kind old great-grandmother .

  4. And thank you Manuel, thanks for the nice reading material for this long winter night. (And the Spanish language only adds to the fun!)